How to choose a destination to study Spanish There are many places where you can learn Spanish, you can choose any of them but let's look at some points before you decide.

Spain is the obvius option for being the country where Spanish has its origins, is also the most popular study abroad destination in the world, Spain offers an infinite variety of experiences, you can find beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, oldest Roman settlements, a rich history and much more in Spain, learning Spanish in Spain is fun and is the best option despite the price.

In Latin America you have a variety of different places where you can learn Spanish, you can choose Peru and visit b>Cusco, one of the most fascinanting cities, it was the capital of Inca Empire, this is an archeological place surrounded of important Incas cities, as Machupicchu one of the most visited ruins.

The culture and architecture of Mexico abounds in this city that is over 460 years old, if you find Mexico interesting you can visit Guanajuato, with the warmth of its people, traditional hospitality, and true Mexican identity, make learning Spanish in Mexico an unforgettable cultural experience.

Learning Spanish in Chile offers you the opportunity to sky under the andean mountains, taste a flavorful wine, enjoy the beaches and much more, you will find out that chilean people are very proud of their culture, they have important writers and poets that are well known around the world as an example are Pablo Neruda and Isabel Allende.

Argentina is one of the more exotic destinations in Latin America, you can learn to dance tango and enjoy the culture, history and natural beauty of this country, vast deserts, the Iguazu Falls, wine regions, volcanoes, archeological sites and nature reserves.

Costa Rica and Ecuador have the most beautiful natural landscapes, if you want to enjoy the Galapagos Island or the Monteverde reserve. The option with the cheapest costs in learning Spanish is Guatemala.

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