Santiago de Chile is Chile's capital and largest city. It is situated at an elevation of 520 m (1700 ft) in the country's central valley, and administratively is a part of the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

About Santiago de Chile

Set on a wide plain near the foot of the Andes, Santiago boasts one of the most dazzling backdrops of any capital city in the world. The views onto the towering cordillera after a rainstorm has cleared the air are magnificent, especially in winter when the snow-covered mountains rise behind the city like a giant white rampart against the blue sky.

The city itself is a great, sprawling metropolis of five million people - that's more than a third of the population of Chile - which is divided into thirty-two autonomous comunas , most of them squat, flat suburbs, stretching ever further out from the centre. Downtown Santiago, in contrast, is compact and manageable, and while not exactly beautiful has a pleasant, enjoyable atmosphere, especially when the sun shines and all of life pours out onto the streets.

Cable Car San Cristobal Hill, Santiago de Chile Metro Station, Santiago de Chile

Its architecture is a mixed bag, with a number of splendid colonial mansions, palaces and churches surviving among the otherwise dingy arcades and office blocks knocked up in the Seventies. A short bus ride east, however, in the comunas of Providencia and Las Condes , you're in a glittering world of glass-plated sky-scrapers and international hotels, reflecting the economic boom of the last decade.

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Spanish courses in Santiago de Chile

Immersion Spanish Course

Our immersion program offer the best of our regular program and the one to one program. It includes 20 group lessons per week and 5 lessons one to one.
Your teachers will help you to achieving your goal: to communicate more and better in Spanish. For this reason, you will be able to learn or to focus the individual lessons in an area of your interest. Your progress will be faster and your fluency in Spanish will improve a lot. The course integrates all the language skills, combining the intensive Spanish language classes with various tasks and activities in which you are the main protagonist.

Groups: 8, 1 student
Classes: 25
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Intensive Spanish Course

This is a general Spanish language course in a small group that includes 20 lessons per week .
During every session, the teacher will focus on both theory and practice, covering all of the elements needed to become proficient in a foreign language . Grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary are always incorporated simultaneously, in order to approximate the student to an authentic communicative environment.
You will also be encouraged to develop intercultural competence with a combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable you to communicate and interact across cultural boundaries. Our approach to learning Spanish is intended to be as close as possible to real life situations in the Spanish-speaking world. Every lesson is independent but - as is the logical nature of any language - the use of grammar and vocabulary will be cumulative and sequential from class to class.

Groups: 8 students
Classes: 20
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One to One 10 Spanish Course

If you do not have much time and wish to make the most of it, you can follow your own pace of learning with a personalized course. This means that neither you nor the teacher need follow the pace and interests of your fellow students,as in any other group course. You can also choose a mixed option: group class on an Intensive course + individual classes.
Your tutor will continue to advise you right until the end. Firstly, he will analyze your individual goals and then will create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to content and timetable.

Groups: 1 student
Classes: 10
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Superintensive Spanish Course

The Superintensive Spanish course consists of 6 daily Spanish lessons from Monday to Friday. In total 30 lessons a week. The Superintensive course is composed of 4 of the Intensive course classes with 2 Communicative Activities classes. In these 2 daily classes the students use what they have learnt in the Intensive course with real, practical activities such as filling in official documents, debates about current affairs etc. These activities will develop according to the students level.

Groups: 8
Classes: 30
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Learning Spanish in Santiago de Chile

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