Just 11km northeast of San José is the lively town of Heredia , boosted by the student population of the Universidad Nacional (UNA) at the eastern end of town.

About Heredia

The town centre is prettier than most, with a few historical buildings, though a bit run-down. It's a natural jumping-off point for excursions to the nearby historical hamlet of Barva and to the town of San José de la Montaña, gateway to Volcán Barva . Many tourists also come for the Café Britt Finca tour, hosted by the nation's largest coffee exporter, about 3km north of the town centre.

North and east of Heredia the terrain climbs to higher altitudes, reaching its highest point at Volcán Barva, at the western entrance of the wild, rugged Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo.

Catholic Church Canton de Belen, Heredia Immaculate Parish Church, Heredia

Temperatures are notably cooler around here, and the landscape is dotted with dairy farms and conifers. The towns here - Barva, Santa Barbara de Heredia and San Joaquín de Heredia - are the favoured residences of expats, but there's little to detain the visitor.

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Spanish courses in Heredia

Intensive Spanish Course

This is a general Spanish language course in a small group that includes 20 lessons per week .
During every session, the teacher will focus on both theory and practice, covering all of the elements needed to become proficient in a foreign language . Grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary are always incorporated simultaneously, in order to approximate the student to an authentic communicative environment.
You will also be encouraged to develop intercultural competence with a combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable you to communicate and interact across cultural boundaries. Our approach to learning Spanish is intended to be as close as possible to real life situations in the Spanish-speaking world. Every lesson is independent but - as is the logical nature of any language - the use of grammar and vocabulary will be cumulative and sequential from class to class.

Groups: 4 students
Classes: 20
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One to One Spanish Course

If you do not have much time and wish to make the most of it, you can follow your own pace of learning with a personalized course. This means that neither you or the teacher need follow the pace and interests of your fellow students,as in any other group course. You can also choose a mixed option: group class on an Intensive course + individual classes.
Your tutor will continue to advise you right until the end. Firstly, he will analyze your individual goals and then will create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to content and timetable.

Groups: 1 student
Classes: 20
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Superintensive Spanish Course

In the Superintensive Spanish Course you will have 4 daily intensive Spanish lessons in groups of no more than 4 students and one and a half lessons more from Monday to Friday, to consolidate what you have learnt in the intensive course, improving your pronunciation, and your fluency in Spanish. Your teachers will help you to achieving your goal: to communicate more and better in Spanish. With this course you will progress faster.

Groups: 4 students
Classes: 27.5
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Learning Spanish in Heredia

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