Guatemala, is endowed with simply staggering natural, historical and cultural interest. Though the giant Maya temples and rainforest cities have been long abandoned, ancient traditions remain very much alive throughout the Guatemalan highlands.

About Guatemala

Population: 15.531.208 (2014)
Capital: Guatemala City
Currency: Quetzal (GTQ)

It's this outstanding cultural legacy, combined with Guatemala's mesmeric natural beauty, that makes the country so compelling for the traveller. The Maya temples of Tikal would be magnificent in any arena but set inside the pristine jungle of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, with attendant toucans and howler monkeys, they are bewitching. Similarly, the genteel cobbled streets and plazas of colonial Antigua gain an extra dimension from their proximity to the looming volcanoes that encircle the town.

This architectural wealth is scattered to a lesser degree throughout the country - almost every large village or town boasts a giant whitewashed colonial church and a classic Spanish-style plaza. Though most of the really dramatic Maya ruins lie deep in the jungles of Petén , interesting sites are scattered throughout the land, along the Pacific coast and in the foothills of the highlands.

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Uniquely in Central America, at least half the country's population is still Native American, and this rural indigenous culture is far stronger than anywhere else in the region. Despite these structural inequalities, you'll find that most Guatemalans are extraordinarily courteous, and eager to help a lost foreigner catch the right bus or find the local post office. Guatemalans tend to be less extrovert than other Central Americans and are quite formal in social situations. Many will automatically assume you are wealthy, since very few Guatemalans ever get to visit another country, that's why learning spanish in Guatemala is a good idea.

Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Learn Spanish in Antigua

Learn Spanish in Antigua

Antigua has something for everyone, if culture is what you are looking for, there is no better place. Since the markets under the volcanoes shadows until the historic monuments of the city, Antigua's culture survive through the years.

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