Learn Spanish Fast While Watching TV

You have decided that you would like to learn Spanish, but every time you start trying to learn it, you get discouraged because you are not picking up the language very quickly at all. Perhaps you get distracted because the learning methods are not working for you. Thus, you might be surprised to find out that you can learn Spanish fast by watching various Spanish channels.

About Learning Spanish Fast

Whether you have cable or not, the fun thing is that if you have a television, you probably have at least one Spanish channel. Since Spanish has become such a widely spoken language, it is now featured on television in the United States too. So, how can you learn Spanish fast by watching a Spanish channel?

The answer to that question is actually rather detailed. First of all, if you do not watch television very much, you will once you start watching the various Spanish channels. You will certainly learn Spanish fast, because there are hunky Latin lovers for women, and sexy sirens for the men. The soap operas, called “Telenovelas” are far more interesting than many of the ones on American television.

For example, Telenovelas usually have a plotline that begins and ends all within one episode, while American soap operas can take months for a plot to fully be revealed. Of course, Telenovelas are not the only reasons why you will learn Spanish fast by watching a Spanish channel. The next reason has to do with game shows.

There are many game shows on American television, but the competitions are highly strategized. On Spanish television, there are game shows that are really quite funny, and this humor allows you to learn Spanish fast. For example, you can tune in at any point in a Spanish game show and see the hosts dressed up in fun costumes. They usually have very recognizable phrases too, so even if you do not know Spanish at all, you will start to understand some phrases if you watch certain shows on a regular basis.

For example, start by watching one hour of Spanish television per day. Try to vary it a bit so you can see all of the different shows. Watch a Telenovela to begin with, and try to figure out what the characters are saying. Watch their facial expressions and their interactions with each other. The highly dramatized way in which storylines are presented will allow you to get a better understanding of how the Spanish language is spoken by native speakers. In time, you will be saying more and more phrases, and be having fun at the same time!

Learn Spanish Fast While Watching TV