Spanish language is spoken as an official language in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Equatorial Guinea, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Puerto Rico.

Nowadays, the Spanish language has developed many changes according to each country, has adopted many different words of native dialects and their own Spanish pronunciation for each region. Mexico is a clear example of that, Mexicans have added many words to the Spanish language and a characteristic accent, most of the common words used in Mexico are: Alberca (swimming pool), Birra (beer), Chavo (child or young men), Chamaco, huerco, morro (child), Cruda (hangover), chido (wonderful, great), Platicar (talk), güey (friend or dude), Güero (someone blonde), Bronca (Problem), Orale (like wow),lana (money), Señito (Lady), ¿Bueno? (Colloquial word for answering the phone) ¿Que Onda? (What's up?) ¿Qué pedo güey?" (What's the situation dude?).

If you are interested in learning a little of Spanish to visit Mexico, maybe you can take some Spanish classes, but here we give you some useful phrases that will help you to get around Mexico.

Phrases in EnglishPhrases in Spanish
What is your name?¿Cuál es tu nombre?
My name is...Mi nombre es...
I don't speak spanishYo no hablo español
Thank youGracias
Help meAyúdame
SorryLo siento / Disculpame
Where is...?¿Dónde es...?
ToiletBaño/ Servicios Higiénicos

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