Venezuela has more than 40 languages throughout its territory. Most of them are indigenous languages. Its main language is Spanish but foreign languages are also spoken due to immigrants from other countries such as Italian, Chinese, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese, Arabic, English and French. The three most spoken foreign languages are English, French and Italian.

The universal language, English, is one of the main languages in Venezuela and it is in the teaching program of many Latin American countries. English is taught in each level of education in Venezuela. Thus, many young people have to learn English to complete their professional education. Other languages are optional in many schools and in the Venezuelan history, Italian was implemented in the late twentieth century with the immigration of more than 300 000 Italians. Italian is one of the most widely spoken and taught languages in Venezuela.

The Spanish in Venezuela

Spanish, the main language of Venezuela has a special focus unlike other countries, where tropical Venezuela, along with other countries, have an accent almost sung in Spanish. This is because the Spanish conquerors arrived in Andalusia, Gaul and surrounding areas. The Venezuelan Spanish is short and it abbreviates words to omit certain letters.

Learn Spanish in Venezuela

A vast majority of people say that learning Spanish language in Venezuela is one of the best decisions. Different schools of Spanish in Venezuela combined with the charisma of the Venezuelan people make learning Spanish language something nice and fun. Venezuela has different colleges and universities in which Spanish is taught. As well as different companies led by Spain, especially Barcelona has its own micro Spanish schools for passing tourists and offers a trip to Barcelona. Just as there are various programs guided by the same Venezuelan government to study Spanish and work, or by studying a career you keep studying Spanish.

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